Idea Behind the Magazine

We all have read millions of magazines. They all are the same, right? They fulfill the needs of readers who live in that particular region. But we are glad to announce that our Magazine is not like other magazines. It would not only fulfill the needs of Pakistani readers but it would satisfy the appetites of the readers from all over the world. We came up with this idea of creating something that's different; that would contain an ocean of various categories. Something that would make you crave for more! 

Message from CEO


We'd love to hear from you. So feel free to contact us. If you want to give suggestions or you have any questions in your mind message us.🙂

Meet Our Team

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Durr E Shehwar Naseem


I have done Bachelors of Science in Economics and Finance. I am currently doing MBA in Finance. I am a poetess and a counselor. 


I founded Durre's Secret World Magazine towards the end of June 2018. The vision behind this magazine is to cover almost all the important categories which the readers of today look for.

President/ Chief Operating Officer



I am doing MBA in Marketing. I am a fitness freak. You'll be coming across many of my fitness tips in the Magazine. I am a traveller and I have travelled a lot. I'll be sharing information about places which most of you have never visited before.Moreover, I'll be editing articles, and ensuring the timely submission of articles with relevant images. I'll be checking emails 24/7.

DSW Marketing Innovation Executive

Atiya Akhlaq


I am an MBA(HR) graduate. I'll be responsible for creative idea generation and focused problem solving.I'll find ways through which we can enhance the quality of our magazine over time.

DSW Fashion and Glamor Manager

Tuba Saeed


I live in Islamabad.I have done my graduation in Economics and Finance. Although my educational choices have evolved around academic subjects but i also find enjoyment in Arts and Fashion. I am a creative person who has a great sense of style. You'll be seeing my "current trends in fashion" posts in this magazine. Apart from that I love reading novels and watching movies.

DSW Poet and Food Blogger

Brian L. Hayes


I am a geolgist, cook,punster, writer and a poet. I am a chef in Piedmont of North Carolina. I live with my wife,two cats and a dog.I believe that the shortest distance between two puns is a straight line.

DSW Poet and Writer

Ravindra Kumar Nayak


I was born in 1990 in Jodhpur, India. My natives belong from Bihar. I am a philosopher, an engineer and a dreamer. My ideas are mainly thrilled with nature and I respect love and beauty. I love to explore world of possibilities and I love to get indulged in a world full of magic; where my imaginations come to life. I love writing poems and I am a well known poet in India. My works are published in many magazines such as Porcupine Magazine,Banta9, Pepporoni Pizza Poetry Anthology.

DSW Movie Reviewer

Sanah Nasir


I love reading, watching movies and spending time with friends. I love travelling and have seen most of Pakistan. I love romantic movies and books the most. For me, writing is both exciting and scary; but I love how words give shape to my thoughts that keeps me hooked to it. I am a doctor who's standing at the threshold of this amazing and beautiful world.


DSW Book Reviewer

Humna Iqbal

I am 18 years old. I am doing BBA from Bahria University Islamabad. I love reading various books and I am a writer too. I love writing short stories.Moreover I love exploring new places. I'll  be writing book reviews for the magazine.

DSW Food Blogger and Photographer

Haider Rizwan


I am doing BDS from MIHS. I work hard to achieve my goals and I am always successful in reaching my destinations. I am an extremely determined person. I love to play sports and I am a photographer as well as a videographer. I am a food blogger too but more than food I love travelling. Travelling is like air to me. I hope to contribute the best to this magazine.

DSW Interviewer

Haseeb Saleem


I am doing Masters in Business Administration. I love to socialize with people from all over the world. I am a football player too. I'll be taking interviews from people belonging to different walks of life and I hope to help this magazine in reaching new heights of success

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